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They’re Here!


The official ship date of my WF book is next Monday (Feb 19), so I’ve been eagerly awaiting arrival of my copies of the book. The wait is now finally over. My wife called this afternoon to tell me that there were two rather heavy boxes that UPS dropped off in our driveway. As soon as I got home (yes, I did work the full day), I immediately opened the boxes to see the result of my almost-year-long project.

When you’re working on the book, writing, testing, editing and reviewing, you do get a sense of accomplishment. But it’s much different to actually hold a physical copy of the book in your own two hands. It looks great!

I checked Amazon and B&N, and it looks like it’s now in stock at both outlets. I’ll have to make a trip to the local B&N and see if they have it on the shelf.